Best 50 watt Solar Panels

Solar panels have drastically increased in popularity, be it for homes, greenhouses, cold regions, or to make van conversions easier. Solar panels are one way of reducing your costs and making efforts to decrease your environmental footprint. It’s a perfect way of living off-grid and having an unlimited supply of electricity.

So before we reveal the three best 50watt solar panels, let’s have a look at why you should invest in one.

Why Should You Buy a 50 Watt Solar Panel?

You may be skeptical about the size and output power that a 50watt solar panel can produce. Well, did you know that a 50watt solar panel can produce enough energy for you to charge your phones and tablets? It’s also perfect if you love camping because it can enable you to run the DC pump to take a shower. It is mostly used for charging batteries, so if you are looking to charge a solar cell battery, you have found the right size.

Best 50watt Solar Panels

A 50watt solar panel is powerful enough for a 15 or 40watt size, but it takes up less space than a 100watt solar panel. So that means it is light, and most sizes are also portable in nature.

The 5 Best 50 Watt Solar Panels

Let’s cut to the chase. Here is our guide to the best three 50watt solar panels.

1. Renogy 50watt Portable Solar Panel Charger

Renogy’s portable solar panel is actually a charger which is great if you are looking for a solar panel charging device for your phone batteries or pumps. It has a solar cell conversion efficiency of up to 23%, which means that you can use this even in low light conditions or cloudy days.

The panel is around 20″ x 16″ in diameter and less than 1 inch thick when fully folded. This makes it very easy for you to transport, mount, or take it off.  The polyester design makes it easy to mount it in tiny spaces beside your tent or on your RV while driving. The frame is made from rust-free aluminum, and the cells are made of tempered glass, making it long-lasting for extensive outdoor use.


  • Solar cells with energy conversion of up to 23%
  • Universally compatible by having DC Port, USB A-Port, and USB C-Port
  • Optimized charging that identifies connected devices and alters their output power accordingly.
  • High durability due to polyester design and PET polymers


  • It heats up very quickly, decreasing the output that it can generate

2. All Powers 18 V 12V 50watts Bendable Sun Power Solar Panel

This 50watt solar panel’s shape is one of its unique features, and it’s also what distinguishes it from others in the market. The main benefit is that it can be curved to a 30 degrees arc that means it can be fitted to any size of the roof for optimal absorption.  Its solar cell efficiency is at 23.5%, higher than even monocrystalline solar cells that offer at max 21%  solar energy conversion efficiency.

Even though it is not made of an aluminum or polyester frame, but it is more durable, water-resistant, windproof, and dust resistant. This will allow you to store it in tiny spaces. Despite being a 50watt solar panel, it weighs only 2.4 pounds, making it lightweight for transport or hanging.


  • US-made solar cell better, with an efficiency of 23.5%
  • Water, wind, and dust-resistant with a durable frame
  • It can be curved to 30 degrees arc
  • Packs 50watts of power, weighing 2.4 pounds; hence, it is lightweight.
  • 18 months warranty
  • Comes with an instruction manual
  • Designed for mobile applications.


  • Wiring can be a bit tricky to get through
  • Not made of aluminum or polyester frame

Power Polycrystalline Waterproof 12V 50watt Solar Panel

This solar panel is meant for those that want a multipurpose panel that can be used off-grid. So if you want to use this for the shed, cabin, or any such similar application, then you’re in luck. It can also charge all types of car batteries ranging from AGM, Gel, or Flooded. T

It includes polycrystalline solar cells that will absorb up to 16% solar energy. It’s highly durable because of its aluminum frame, which makes it waterproof and rust and UV-resistant. It has an option of intelligent charging, preventing your devices from being overcharged, so you no longer have to worry about plugging out your phone or laptop.


  • It can be used for many off-grid applications
  • Intelligent charging with a 3-level algorithm
  • Visual LED indicators for monitoring the battery’s condition
  • Waterproof, UV, and rust-resistant for extended outdoor use]
  • Durable aluminum frame
  • Easy to use


  • Polycrystalline cells are less energy efficient
  • Solar Panel can heat up very easily

Monocrystalline vs Polycrystalline Cells

Before you decide which brand’s 50watt solar panel to purchase, here is an important feature you should consider.

Monocrystalline cells are the successor to polycrystalline, which means they have a higher solar energy conversion efficiency of around 16-21%. At the same time, polycrystalline solar cells will only deliver you up to 15% of energy conversion, which means that they require more space and are not suitable for low light conditions or the environment. Polycrystalline cells will also cause the solar panel to heat up quickly, reducing its efficiency in producing output.

Our Final Thoughts

By now, you would have a fair idea of the best 50watt solar panels currently available in the market. From our end, we’d recommend Renogy 50watt portable solar panel charger. As a brand, Renogy is well-known for the technology that they install with each new release of their solar panel. Moreover, this solar panel’s solar cell energy conversion efficiency is the highest at a whopping 23%. At the end of the day, what matters is that you are contributing to increased sustainability

Let us know what you think would be the best 50watt solar panel.

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