Best Goal Zero Solar Panels

Among the various solar panel brands available for purchase, Goal Zero has emerged as a reliable, energy efficient brand that produces solar charges and solar panels. They are designed in a way to improve the overall human experience. People who have used their power stations, power gears and solar panels state that their products are easy to understand and use.

If you are planning to invest in a good solar panel, you may as well look into solar panels by Goal Zero. As you read, you will find our pick of some of the best Goal Zero solar panels you can install in your space.

Characteristics of a Good Quality Solar Panel

You may go on word of mouth and shortlist a few solar panel brands, but the ultimate decision rests with you. There are many factors to take into consideration when you’re choosing a solar panel for your home. These include solar panel efficiency, solar panel manufacturer’s warranty, and of course, cost.

Best Goal Zero Solar Panels

You’re probably installing a solar panel to cut down costs and save on finances, but to realize this goal, you’ll need to be careful in your selection. Here are a few characteristics of high quality solar panels that you should watch out for.

Normal or High Efficiency

Efficiency refers to the amount of energy that a solar panel can convert into electricity every square meter. You can choose between a normal efficiency or high efficiency solar panel according to your needs. A normal (15%) efficiency solar panel produces about 150 WP per square meter of electricity, while a high (20%) efficiency solar panel produces about 200 WP per square meter of electricity.

The difference between the two working on the same system is a high efficiency solar panel would take up less space than a normal efficiency one. However, both would produce the same amount of electricity as they are working with the same system.

Temperature Coefficient (Pmax)

Strong light performance is measured by the temperature coefficient (Pmax) or maximum power point. It refers to the percentage of power output drop for every degree increase in panel temperature over 25 degrees Celsius. Solar panels heat up fast, and solar panel temperature can increase to 75 degrees Celsius during high summer temperatures.

When you are choosing a solar panel, you should look for one with a low temperature coefficient. This will help limit losses, which will turn out beneficial for you in the long run.


The warranty that comes with the product should give you an idea of how confident (or not) the manufacturer is in the product. A short warranty period is a warning sign that the brand probably doesn’t expect the product to last you a long time to come.

Most brands offer a warranty of 25 years, so you should be able to compare and gauge. Obviously, no matter how good the solar panel, you will need to maintain it to expand its lifespan for it to serve as a good investment.

The 5 Best Goal Zero Solar Panels

As promised, now we are going to shed light on one particular brand that produces solar panels, i.e., Goal Zero. Here we will analyze and discuss some of the best Goal Zero solar panels so that you can make an informed decision during purchase.

1. Goal Zero Nomad 7 Solar Panel

The Goal Zero Nomad 7 solar panel features the style Nomad 7, which is designed to be lightweight and portable in order to provide maximum convenience to the smart homeowner of today. The device charges quickly and provides good value for money. It has a durable design and convenient size, making it easy to use and install.

  • 7 watts
  • USB, Solar Port and Mini Solar Port
  • 8-9 V
  • 2 oz

2. Goal Zero Nomad 13 Solar Panel

The Goal Zero Nomad 13 solar panel is lightweight and has a foldable design, made to fit in any backpack with ease. It has the ability to directly charge most USB and 12 V devices. It is a compact yet powerful solar panel that can divide the solar power between the 2 ports in order to charge devices alongside. It is known for its durability and light weight.

  • 13 watts
  • USB, Solar Port and Mini Solar Port
  • 18-22 V
  • 6 Ibs

3. Goal Zero Nomad 14 Plus

The Goal Zero Nomad 14 Plus has additional features that make it more advanced than the Nomad 7 series. It allows for smart charging for phones and you can charge phones and tablets even during cloudy weather. It also comes with an auto restart feature, which means it will automatically turn on charging when the sunlight is low.

  • 14 watts
  • USB and solar port
  • 18-22 V
  • 5 Ibs

4. Goal Zero Nomad 20 Solar Panel

The Goal Zero Nomad 20 is a strong and sturdy solar panel. It allows you to collect the maximum amount of sunlight for your gear.  It is known to charge devices faster and is able to charge USB and 12 V devices directly from the sunlight. This panel is truly a powerhouse.

  • 20 watts
  • USB, Solar Port and Mini Solar Port
  • 18-22 V
  • 5 Ibs

5. Goal Zero Nomad 100 Watt Portable Solar Panel

The Goal Zero Nomad 100 Watt Portable Solar Panel is the largest portable option from Goal Zero.  It has a big wattage but a compact size, which makes it ideal for taking around. It has all the makings of a great solar panel, portability and durability. It is easy to use and transport and has great performance reviews.

  • 100 watts
  • Solar Port
  • 18-22 V
  • 2 Ibs

Our Final Thoughts

Goal Zero is known for producing great, high performance solar panels. Choose among the best Goal Zero solar panels that have portability, durability, and reliability. While there is no right or wrong choice, the Goal Zero Nomad 20 is a good all-rounder.

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