Best Solar Car Battery Chargers

Solar electric chargers have really improved in the last decade. Modern solar chargers can help kickstart your vehicle when the battery is low on power. This can be extremely useful if your car has not been in use for a while and fails to start.

The 5 Best Solar Car Battery Chargers

In this article, we look at some of the best solar car battery chargers that you can buy on Amazon.

Sunway Solar Car Battery Charger

The Sunway Solar car battery charger is an effective charger that works great for pretty much any outdoor vehicle. You can use it for vehicles ranging from ATVs, snowmobiles, trailers and RVs to motorcycles, cars, boats and more.

Best Solar Car Battery Charger

The charger is designed to compensate for small, steady battery drains from the vehicle’s clock or alarm system over time.

The solar panel is covered with ultra clear PV glass which improves efficiency. It is topped with durable ABS plastic housing that makes the charger much more durable.

ECO-WORTHY Portable Solar Battery Charger

The ECO-WORTHY battery charger comes with the latest solar technology. It offers better efficiency than ever before. The charger is designed to help maintain and prolong your battery life. It has a perfect trickle charger/maintainer for 12V batteries.

This solar charger is suitable for all kinds of vehicle batteries from boats, trucks and motorcycles to ATV, dinghies and lawnmowers etc.

If your vehicle, lawnmower or boat has been sitting idle for a while, then this solar car battery charger is highly recommended for bringing the battery back to life.

ALLPOWERS Portable Solar Charger

Allpowers produces a variety of solar power and electrical equipment. The Allpowers portable solar charger is designed for 12v batteries and can be used to charge your vehicle battery if it is low on power.

The charger consists of a monocrystalline solar panel that draws in solar power to generate 5-watts of energy to do a trickle charge of your car battery. It can be used in all kinds of vehicles including ATVs, trucks, tractors, boats, motorcycles etc.

Schumacher Foldable Solar Battery Charger

If you are looking for a solar charger that doesn’t require a lot of space and offers better versatility then the Schumacher foldable charger will work for you.

One of the main features of this model is that it is foldable and can be carried inside your dashboard and used whenever you need it.

It is based on the monocrystalline technology that is becoming popular with users. This technology allows you to charge your battery efficiently and fully.

Above all, you can use this charger not only in vehicles but also in other types of devices. You can even charge your MP3 players, tablets or smartphones with the Schumacher charger.

It is a great piece of equipment for all camping trips and long adventures.

Powoxi Portable Solar Charger

The Powoxi Portable Charger is a little expensive but one of the better choices in the market. The charger has an excellent 20% conversion rate. It can absorb sunlight even in a partly cloudy day and converts it into 12 volt DC current to charge the battery.

The charger is easy to install and you only have to insert the appropriate connector into the 12-volt cigarette lighter for it to work.

If your vehicle is off and you cannot use this input method then you can connect the charger directly to your battery through the alligator clips that come with it.

How Do Solar Car Battery Chargers Work?

Solar car battery chargers are portable devices that use sunlight as the source of power. These chargers have a solar panel that collects sun light to produce electric current that is passed on to the battery. These chargers produce DC current that can be transmitted into the battery through clips.

The charger can be placed on the dashboard or roof of your car to collect solar power. Regardless of where you place it, make sure that enough sunlight falls on the panel to produce electricity.

Are Battery Chargers Waterproof?

Most chargers are designed to be placed outdoors so the manufacturers make sure that they are water proof in case of sudden rain.

However, the panels are not submersible in water. A current runs through the wires so try to keep them away from too much water.

Can I Use Solar Chargers on Any Vehicle?

Before you use a solar battery charger, make sure that it is compatible with your vehicle’s battery. Generally, car batteries take a 12v input and most solar battery chargers are designed to produce 12v current.

However, if your vehicle’s battery has a different input, make sure to get a charger that matches your vehicle’s specifications.

How Long Does It Take to Charge the Battery?

The answer to this question depends on multiple factors. Batteries with bigger capacity take longer to charge then smaller batteries.

If your battery has less than half the charge, then it would take some time to charge it compared to when it is slightly empty.

What is Charger Efficiency?

Solar power panels are measured through efficiency. An efficiency of 10% means that the panel can convert 10% of sunlight into electric power while the rest is wasted.

The technology is still under development. So an efficiency of 20% to 30% is considered the best right now.

For most solar-powered battery charger, you’ll want to find one that has an efficiency rating of at least 20%. This efficiency rating means two things.

First, you don’t have to put the charger directly into the sunlight to generate power. Even reflected light can give you a good result and help charge your car battery.

Second, you will be able to charge your car even in late autumn and early spring, or on cloudy days.

Our Final Thoughts

Solar car battery chargers are becoming a norm for people. They are portable, versatile and environmentally friendly.

When buying one for yourself, just think through a few key factors like efficiency, voltage, wattage, and whether they will work for your vehicle or not. Keep in mind that most chargers are designed for battery maintenance so they will not work with a dead battery.

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