Best Solar Panels for Airstream

Airstream is an excellent option for adventurers and travelers who often go on an off-the-grid getaway. And if you have an Airstream, a solar power system is a must to allow you to have all the flexibility you need and save costs. However, due to their peculiar size and curved edges, you don’t really have enough space to mount multiple solar panels on the roof. The most you can manage is four. Therefore, choosing the best solar panels for Airstream can be a tedious job as you are trying to find a solar kit that meets your needs within the limited space available.

Don’t worry though! Because we have already done all the research and picked out the best solar panels that can easily be used for an Airstream. Let’s take a look at them, shall we?

1. Zamp solar Legacy Series 140-Watt Portable Solar Panel Kit


Best Solar Panels for Airstream

Zamp solar Legacy Series 140-Watt Portable Solar Panel Kit is handcrafted by one of the best solar companies in USA that also happens to be the official partner of Airstream. This solar kit has the best quality solar cells that you’d find in the market. It comes with everything you would need so no extra time would go in installing the system.

The Zamp kit is compatible with Solar Ready RV ports that are built-in with all Airstreams. Therefore, no need to connect those wires using alligator clips when you can simply plug it in the port. The panels can charge both lithium and 12-V batteries and are the most flexible and efficient in what they do. You can easily fold these panels to carry without any hassle.

This portable kit comes with an integrated 10-amp digital charge controller that protects your battery from overcharging and allows you to monitor everything. There is also a 15-feet long cable and a nylon carrying case. All of these features make this solar kit our top choice for Airstream.


  • Set up time is less than 5 minutes as no installation is needed.
  • Can be mounted on the roof or placed outside the camped Airstream under sun.
  • Extends the battery’s life by 3 times.
  • Compatible with Zamp Solar Ready port in Airstream.
  • Integrated charge controller.


  • Handle is not user-friendly.

2. Go Power! Overlander-E 190W Solar Expansion Kit


Go Power! Overlander-E 190W Solar Expansion Kit is another great option for Airstream. This solar expansion kit comes with an interlocking system that you can install easily and safely. It features the most powerful 12 Volt panel as compared to other options and comes with MC4 parallel connects that can be plugged into a Go Power! Solar system that already comes with a solar controller. It is specially designed for campers and RVs so you can expect the best performance for your Airstream.

The kit comes with hardware for mounting on the roof as well as MC4 connectors to connect to an existing kit. 3-4 of these panels would be more than enough to meet all your needs. They can easily fit on your Airstream’s roof and leave space for you to walk. There is also a waterproof negative ground charge controller


  • Interlocking system for easy installation.
  • Extremely powerful 12-volt panel.
  • MC4 connectors.
  • Designed specially for RVs and campers.


  • Could use more brackets.

3. Renogy 200-Watt Monocrystalline Foldable Solar Suitcase


Renogy 200-Watt Monocrystalline Foldable Solar Suitcase is a portable solar panel that is perfect for Airstreams. It comes with two 100W monocrystalline panels, a 15in set of wires with female and male connectors, a soft case for handling, an aluminum stand, latches and a heavy-duty handle. This solar suitcase comes with a 20A LCD display charge controller that lets you control and monitor the charging.


  • Portable and mountable.
  • Adjustable, corrosion-resistant aluminum stand.
  • 20A built-in, waterproof solar charge controller.
  • Compatible with lithium, gel, sealed and flooded batteries.
  • Protective casing.


  • Heavier as compared to other solar panels

4. ECO-WORTHY 120W Foldable Solar Panel


ECO-WORTHY 120W Foldable Solar Panel is a 120W lightweight panel kit that has 8DC adapters, a charge controller with USB ports and a 10 feet long wiring. The kit comes with MC4 connectors and alligator clips that can be easily connected to the battery. You can charge your electronic devices like phones and gadgets using the USB ports. This portable and lightweight energy system is extremely efficient for Airstream.


  • Comes with 10 feet wiring.
  • Foldable and portable.
  • Lightweight
  • Multiple DC outputs.
  • 20A charge controller with USB ports.


  • Does not come with a kickstand.

5.  WindyNation 200 Watt (2pcs 100 Watt) Solar Panel Kit


WindyNation 200 Watt (2pcs 100 Watt) Solar Panel Kit with VertaMax 1500-watt power inverter comes with everything you need to install the system and produce solar power. The kit features 2×100 watt polycrystalline solar panels, a 1500W VertaMax power inverter with cables, a 30A solar charge controller with LCD display 40 feet long UL listed 12 AWG solar cable and all the hardware and connectors you would need for mounting. The kit is perfect for off-grip power as it is specially designed for RVs and campers. It offers 800-watt hours or 67 Amp hours of charge every day on average.


  • 1500-watt power inverter.
  • Charge controller with LCD display.
  • 40-feet long UL listed solar cable.


  • Heavyweight

What to Consider When Buying Solar Panels for Airstream

Here’s a list of things you should consider when buying solar panels for Airstream:

  • Since Airstreams have limited space on the roof, you will need to put a few panels that have more wattage.
  • Rigid panels are more durable and of high-quality than flexible solar panels. Therefore, opting for rigid panels would be a good choice.
  • Determine how many watts of power you would need first. If you are working or living in your Airstream most of the time, you would probably need more watts.

Bottom Line

After comparing all the options mentioned above, our top choice for the best solar panels for Airstream has to be the Zamp solar Legacy Series 140-Watt Portable Solar Panel Kit. This kit is designed by the official solar energy partners of Airstream, Zamp. Therefore, we can only expect them to be the best. They actually extend the battery life by 3 times and are compatible with Solar Ready ports in Airstream.

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