Best Solar Panels for Backpacking

All of us need a break from our city lives to head into the wild and enjoy what nature has on offer. It is a given fact that the monotony of city life can kill the life in us. Humans were always meant to live near sources of nature. And while we do manage lives in the concrete jungles that our cities offer today, our heart craves for us to head into the wild every once in a while.

Backpacking is now a common excursion for people living in the city. Some do it every week; others are more infrequent and go for it once every month, while some plan a more elaborate backpacking trip with family once or twice every year.

Regardless of the frequency of the excursion, we cannot risk letting go of our valuable tech devices during these trips. Our smartphones, iPod and other tech items need charging so that we may hook on to them as we admire the beauty of nature around us.

Best Solar Panels for Backpacking

Every gadget carries its own utility, which is why it is necessary that you carry a charging solution with you on such trips to instill some juice into your devices when the need be. Portable power banks did spring up as a valuable solution, but then again, they need power of their own after a set time.

Solar panels are now commonly used by backpackers on their excursions, due to their ability to effortlessly charge your devices and utilize the one thing that is available in abundance everywhere – sunlight. In this article we take a look at some of the best solar panels for backpacking and take you through a list of things to consider. Stay with us as we guide you to the right products.

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Solar Panels for Backpacking

Fortunately, we have a number of exciting solar panels available in the market today. The convenience you get from your solar panel depends on the feature it carries. Read on as we look at some of the things and features to consider before buying the best solar panels for backpacking.

Weight of the Solar Panel

If you’re truly backpacking, you would need a solar panel that is easy to carry with you and does not weigh much. Backpackers are already starved for space and don’t want a solar panel that weighs over 10 kg and makes it extremely difficult for them to walk through their hike.

Efficiency Rating

The efficiency of most solar panels is found out by their ability to transfer solar energy into electrical energy. The DC power output is then used to power your electrical gadgets in the wild. An efficiency rating of 20 to 25 percent is excellent and is achieved through monocrystalline panels. Polycrystalline panels do not happen to be as efficient as their polycrystalline counterparts.


The final factor you should consider is the price of the solar panel you buy. Obviously, the perfect solar panel for backpacking should be within your budget and shouldn’t break your bank. Make sure you identify your requirements and find the most convenient solar panel within your range.

1. Renogy Monocrystalline Portable Foldable Solar Panel Suitcase

ASIN Number: B079JVBVL3

The Renogy Monocrystalline Portable Foldable Solar Panel Suitcase is the perfect solar panel suitcase for backpackers. The device is easy to carry and can be folded up to become part of your luggage. The solar panel weighs a little less than 27 pounds.

The suitcase comes with a monocrystalline solar panel, which provides an output of 500 watts per day. This output is further complemented with an aluminum stand for positioning.

2. Hiluckey Outdoor Portable Solar Charger


The Hiluckey Outdoor Portable Solar Charger is ideal for backpackers heading on to a hiking or camping trip. The panel weighs just 1.3 pounds and comes with a small backpack of its own. You can easily use it to charge your devices once outdoors.

This solar panel charger operates better than a power bank and comes equipped with dual USB output for charging multiple phones at one time.

3. Nekteck Portable Solar Panel Charger

ASIN Number: B017GQ7OEA

The Nekteck Portable Solar Panel Charger is ideally meant for camping trips and is made out of three different mono crystalline solar panels. The power output measures at 3 amperes and is ideal for your camping excursions.

The solar panel charger comes with dual USB ports to help you charge multiple phones at one time. The device weighs only 1.13 pounds and is ideal for backpacking.

4. Zamp Solar Portable Solar Panel Kit

ASIN Number: B07GNNC34Q

This Zamp Solar Portable Solar Panel Kit is rated the best for backpackers. This 140-watt kit can even start your own portable computer and power your other tech devices. The kit also connects with 12 volt batteries for power storage.

This kit does weigh a little over 30 pounds but is sturdy in nature and good for RV backpackers heading out on a vacation.

5. Eco-Worthy Off Grid Solar Panels


This Eco-Worthy Off Grid Solar Panel is another perfect option for backpackers. The panel can provide over 1,000 watts of power every day and carries a power rating of 195 watt. The panel doesn’t weigh that much and generates excellent power output.

This solar panel provides quick charging capabilities and can easily charge your devices from 50 percent battery to 100 percent in just under an hour. There are also pre-drilled holes on this panel for installation.

Our Final Thoughts

The Renogy Monocrystalline Portable Foldable Solar Panel Suitcase is an ideal way to meet your power requirements on a backpacking trip. The device doesn’t weigh much and provides exceptional power output. You can read reviews on these best solar panels for backpacking online to make your final decision.

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