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Best Solar Panels for Boats

Keeping your batteries and electronic devices charged can be an extremely difficult task when you set out on an extended boating trip out into the sea. Whether you are sailing with your friends or family or have just set north for a fishing trip, your marine solar panels will provide an affordable and effective solution for your electrical needs.


Solar panels are known to be effective and tremendously efficient, which is why they are extremely in demand and popular with boaters and sailors today. Solar panels quietly get the work done as you set sail and enjoy the sights and sounds of the sea around you.


Every boat is different in its structure and requirements, which is why it is necessary that you study your boat in detail before you select the best solar panel for your sailing expedition. Getting the best out of your new solar panel kit is not difficult, but the process does require some patience and planning to consider the few factors on deck. Take your time, study your requirements and reap the rewards.


In this article we take a look at some of the best solar panels for boats. We also look at some of the things you should consider during the purchase. Stick with us as we help you buy the best solar panels for your boat.


Things to Consider When Buying the Best Solar Panels for Boats

Not every solar panel is the same. There are specific features and designs within the panel that will help you design the best choice for you. In this section we study some of the things you should consider when buying the best solar panels for boats. Base your purchase on these factors and buy a solar panel that best meets your requirements:


Marine Solar Panel Size

You don’t want a solar panel that is either too small or too big for your boat, hence it is necessary that you understand your needs beforehand. This isn’t as difficult as it may sound. Make a list of all your equipment in the boat and find out the daily usage in amp and watts for all equipment. Once you have done that, multiply it by 1.2 and divide by the expected hours of sun exposure you expect during a typical day in the waters. The end result you get would be the size you should go for.


Solar Panel Type

At first look we are all forced to think that the efficiency of a solar panel is directly linked to its size. However, that isn’t entirely true. The efficiency of a solar panel is determined by the type of panel used. There are three common types of solar cells in use today, including amorphous solar cells, monocrystalline solar cells and polycrystalline solar cells.


Mounting and Wiring

Mounting the solar panels in an optimal place on your boat, along with the wiring for the panel should also be considered. You should take advantage of the best points in your boat for sun exposure, so that the exposure to the sun is maximized. Additionally, you should go for marine grade wiring that are built for exposure to sun, moisture, salt and other forces of the sea.


1. Renogy Flexible Monocrystalline Marine Solar Panel


This Renogy Flexible Monocrystalline Marine Solar Panel for boats is great for giving power to your electrical radios and batteries. Renogy offers a number of flexible solar panels designed for the contour of your boat.


The panels on this device are made out of special photovoltaic materials and polymers. The materials are cutting edge in nature and the aerodynamics are tested for excellence.


2. WindyNation Complete Off-Grid Solar Panel Boat Kit

ASIN Number: B00FAR7650

The WindyNation Complete Off-Grid Solar Panel Boat Kit provides a solar panel solution for boat owners. This panel comes with an off-grid battery kit and a host of wires, adaptors and brackets for installing your battery.


They system comes with a digital display that is helpful and gives you amazing insight into your tech requirements. The screens will tell you the amount of energy accumulated by a battery at any given time.


3. Renogy Monocrystalline Expandable Boat Solar Panel Kit

ASIN Number: B06WGW485F

This Renogy Monocrystalline Expandable Boat Solar Panel Kit is perhaps the best technologically advanced device for boats in the market. The device also comes with an amazing display that shows the tech usage of the solar panel.


The system might come across as a little underpowered at 100W and might turn some buyers away, but it is a part of a flexibility provided by Renogy. The 100W monocrystalline solution is for boat owners with limited requirements.


4. DOKIO Monocrystalline Foldable Solar Panel

ASIN Number: B0748FYFSK

This DOKIO Monocrystalline Foldable Solar Panel is foldable in nature and sets convenience as a priority. The good part about this solar panel is that it is extremely easy to fold and operates as a ‘use it when you like solution’.


This DOKIO panel is an ideal solution for people who have no mounting points on the boat and want flexible positions. The unit comes with cord handles that help you attach it with pretty much everything.


5. Newpowa Polycrystalline PV Boat Solar Panel

ASIN Number: B0725RZ22H

The Newpowa Polycrystalline PV Boat Solar Panel is designed to last a lifetime, thanks to the amazing technology and construction of this solar panel.


The product feels ultra durable and premium as it can withstand the harsh and salty weather conditions of the sea. Barring disasters at sea, these panels can give you good output for 25 years. The 100W solar output is enough to power your marine needs through the day.


Our Final Thoughts

The Renogy Flexible Monocrystalline Marine Solar Panel is our best solar panel for boats. This panel is great for giving power to your electrical radios and batteries and has a durable construction. You can read up reviews on these solar panels online to find out more about them and make your choice.