Best Solar Panels for Camping

Camping is a great way to get away from the busy life and be close to nature. However, it can be difficult to have a good time if you don’t have a reliable power source with you.

Today, we rely on many electric gadgets, from the electric stove to the map on your mobile phone. Electric power is a must on a camping trip. A good source of portable power, like a solar panel, can give you the freedom to travel without the need to stop and find a power source to recharge everything.

The 5 Best Solar Panels for Camping

Here we present a short guide on some of the best solar panels for camping trips.

Best Solar Panels for Camping

1. Goal Zero Nomad 100 Camping Solar Panel

The Goal Zero Nomad is a top choice as a reliable, solar panel that you can take on camping trips. This model can be used completely off the grid and very easy to set up.

It is a middle sized panel that can be folded down and packed in your RV or the trunk of your car. The model is completely weatherproof so it will not be damaged by a little drizzle.

It weights a little under 10 lbs and quite lightweight, so you don’t need to worry about straining yourself while moving it around.

It is made of 4 monocrystalline panels and has attachment loops that can be used to hang it wherever you need. It has an 8mm Goal Zero connector for plug and play adaptability to a power station.

2. Hiluckey Outdoor Portable Solar Charger

The Hiluckey outdoor portable solar charger is one of the best chargers for camping. You can easily attach it to your backpack and get all the power you need for the trip.

When completely folded down, its dimensions are 6.1” x 3.4” x 1.4”. It only weighs around 1.3 pounds. This model has a built-in 25,000mAh Li-polymer battery which makes it easier to charge multiple devices many times.

The charger is made up of four panels that can produce up to 1 amp of current in bright sunlight. It has dual USB outputs and you can charge devices with a USB cable. The solar panel also has a built-in LED flashlight with SOS mode that could prove very useful in an outdoor emergency.

With the Hiluckey outdoor portable charger, you won’t need to worry about your phone dying while you’re out on the trail.

3. Renogy 50 w Portable Solar Panel Charger

Renogy’s 50 w solar panel is another great model for people who need a reliable, medium sized solar panel charger. It has a 12V output and can produce more than 100 watt per hour on a bright, sunny day.

The panel is around 20” x 16” in diameter and less than 1 inch thick when fully folded. This makes it very easy to carry around or mount on a stand effortlessly. You can use the panel to power up small batteries, laptop and other devices.

The design makes it easy to mount it in tiny spaces beside your tent or on your RV while driving. The frame is made from rust-free aluminum and the cells are made of tempered glass, making it quite sturdy for outdoor use. It’s a perfect choice in this power range.

4. ACOPOWER 120W Portable Camping Solar Panel

Acopower is a popular brand in solar energy chargers. They are quite involved in the market and offer chargers with different power outputs and sizes. They also offer foldable solar panels, power stations, and solar kits that could be great on a camping trip.

The Acopower 120 w is a portable solar panel with a compact design. Weighing around 9 lbs, this model is quite lightweight and easy to carry. The panels are made from monocrystalline cells and offer very efficient sunlight to power conversion that goes up to 25%.

The solar charger and all of its parts are fitted inside an aluminum frame that make it ideal for outdoor use. It also has a 10 amp, LCD Charge Controller with two 5V USB ports. There is an MC4 connector cable that allows you to safely charge devices at 12V. It is a good option for all kinds of camping trips.

Should You Buy Fixed or Portable Solar Chargers for Your Trip?

Fixed solar panels are similar to the ones we see on rooftops. They are generally larger in size and can be mounted on top of your camping trailer to generate power.

Portable solar chargers can be folded for storage or spread out while in use. The size of these modules is smaller than fixed panels, but bigger than handheld solar chargers.

Both types of solar panels can be used while camping and which one to get mainly comes down to whether you have an RV or not.

How Many Solar Chargers Should You Buy for a Camping Trailer?

You can install multiple solar panels on top of your camping trailer. The number you should get depends on the space available on the roof of your camping trailer.

Most camping trailers are about 6 to 9 meters long and 2 to 3 meters wide. That is enough space to install 4 to 8 flexible solar panels on the roof. At most 4 panels of 100 w should be adequate, unless you have a lot of electronics devices to use.

Our Final Thoughts

A camping trip can be an amazing experience that most people enjoy. Everyone loves being in close contact with nature while surrounding by family and friends and eating around the campfire.

A solar panel charger can make the trip easier, more convenient and less frustrating overall. From lighting up the camping area to charging useful devices, a solar charger can be your best friend on the trip.

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