Best Solar Panels for Cloudy Days

While solar panels have grown in popularity, there is a misconception that they don’t work on cloudy days. However, that’s not true because several cities across the world use solar panels despite having cloudy, rainy or cold weather for the most part of the year.

Solar power technology has come a long way to ensure weather is not a factor when it comes to producing energy. Moreover, over the last few years, many homeowners and businesses have been investing in solar panels increasingly, owing to their efficiency.

The 5 Best Solar Panels for Cloudy Days

Let’s cut to the chase… Here are our top five picks for the best solar panels for cloudy days.

Best Solar Panels for Cloudy Days

1. ACOPOWER 120W Mono Lightweight Solar Panel

ACOPOWER is undoubtedly our first best pick for solar panels because its portable design takes the lead. As the name suggests, it’s a 120W solar panel kit that comes in two 60W pieces. It provides enough energy to keep your electronics running smoothly even in cloudy weather. Additionally, you can also use it while camping or on a beach trip since it’s very easy to set up.

The most notable feature of this solar panel is that it’s portable, which means you can fold it up and take it wherever you like. Moreover, the weather won’t have an impact on its durability since it is waterproof, even if the weather is rainy. Another notable feature of these solar panels is that they come with an Anderson plug and MC-4 connectors, which means that you can easily install and connect them to the battery. As opposed to many companies that offer 25A connectors, ACOPOWER offers 50A Anderson connectors.

Furthermore, you can also install more plates to run large electric items. Even if the weather is too cloudy, these solar panels don’t stop working because they need daylight to produce electricity. Overall, it’s durable, reliable, and worth the price.


  • Portable and easy to carry
  • The net weight is just 14 lb
  • Easy to install and set up
  • Reliable and durable
  • Performs well for small applications


  • You may need more panels for bigger appliances
  • Dust can have an impact on efficiency


SUNGOLD POWER is a monocrystalline panel that works well in diverse weather conditions. Moreover, its waterproof feature makes it an ideal choice for cities that receive a lot of rainfall. The best thing about SUNGOLD POWER solar panel is that it is made using anodized aluminum; therefore, it’s scratch-resistant and a great choice for industrial use.

Having a monocrystalline panel is an added benefit since it has high conversion cells, which means that the output is high even in the toughest weather conditions. Moreover, it has a pre-drilled hole which means that it’s easy to install. You can use it in an electric car, a caravan, a boat or generally anywhere outdoor.


  • High-quality solar cells
  • Easy to install and use
  • Excellent built and design
  • Durable


  • The price is slightly higher

3. RICH SOLAR 200 Watt 12 V

RICH SOLAR 200W is a high-efficiency solar panel with quick-connect cables to provide you with a fast connection. It is coated with anti-reflective tempered glass to provide you extra durability. It is one of the best solar panels for cloudy days because it clearly excels in low light performance and can bear tough weather conditions.

Moreover, it comes with up to 14 pre-drilled holes, and they are compatible with Z-brackets, pole mounts, tilt mounts, etc. which means that you can install them easily. It’s also a reliable choice because the solar panels have an aluminum frame that makes them robust and sturdy.


  • High efficiency
  • Fast connection and easy installation
  • Good low-light performance
  • Pre-drilled holes
  • Robust and sturdy


  • Output may not always be ideal


XINPUGUANG is one of the most flexible solar panels that provide solar conversion efficiency for up to 19.6%. This means that the panels offer more power and are a great choice for any outdoor location. It also has a super easy installation method as it comes with six mounting holes.

Its reliability speaks for itself because it is made of high-quality encapsulation material. It has great flexibility on curved surfaces, so you can use it on tents, golf carts, and trailers, etc. Additionally, it has a multi-layered sheet lamination that enhances the panel’s durability and performance.


  • You can bend it over 30 degrees
  • Flexible for curved surfaces
  • Has essential parts
  • Can resist different weather conditions
  • Budget-friendly


  • Not suitable for long-term use

5. Newpowa 100 Watts

Newpowa 100W may be our last pick among the best panels for cloudy weather, but it delivers more than you expect. Not only is it a great choice for both high and low light levels, but it also needs minimum storage space. It also has a junction box that ensures no power loss.

Moreover, since it’s a polycrystalline panel, it can withstand high snow loads and winds. It is also framed with anodized aluminum like other good solar panels. It’s pretty lightweight for a product that offers heavy-duty performance. You can also find the MC4 connector and 3ft cable at the backside of the panel.


  • Lightweight
  • Can handle tough weather conditions
  • High efficiency due to high-performance poly
  • Heavy-duty performance


  • You can’t add an extra panel
  • Provides good value for money

Things to Consider When Buying Solar Panels

Can It Produce Electricity on a Cloudy Day?

This is the most important consideration because if a solar panel does not work in low light conditions, it may not be worth it. However, most solar panels have this quality because of the inverter.

An inverter is responsible for converting direct current to alternating current, and even if you don’t use enough electricity for the day, it is sent back to the grid. Therefore, when you need more power than what your panel is producing, this stored energy can be used.

How Suitable Is It for Your Roof?

Even though solar panels can generate electricity in any direction, they give the best results if your roof is south facing. Make sure to look out for any trees or buildings that may be giving shade to your roof. Whoever installs a solar panel on your roof should measure it and give you the right guidance about the required angles.

What Is the Maintenance Cost?

Most solar panels are easy to install and maintain. You should make sure that no leaves or dust are settling on them for a long time. There isn’t any other kind of maintenance needed apart from consistent cleaning and examination from a professional every four to seven years.

Our Final Thoughts

Our top pick for the best solar panels for cloudy days is the ACOPOWER 120W Mono Lightweight Solar Panel. It’s a lightweight and portable kit with an easy installation procedure. It’s also ideal for use under any weather circumstances.

In the end, it’s important to consider all the main features of whichever product you are planning to buy. You must keep in mind the installation and maintenance costs, along with factors such as durability, reliability, and how much power your panel can produce in low light. However, you can also read additional reviews to form your opinion around the best panels based on your needs.

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