Best Solar Panels for Yeti 1400

As our dependency on electricity increases, we find that there are more and more things that we can’t live without. This is especially challenging for those of us who have a love for nature. Of course, just because you love nature, doesn’t mean you’re willing to give up the comforts of modern life.

As with most things, commerce brings some solutions to the table – for a price! One such solution is a portable power station. Whether you just want a backup for something in your home, or something to sustain you as you trek through the wilderness, a portable power station can get you through anything.

But what happens when you’re in the middle of your nature retreat, and your portable power station runs out of juice? Well, here again, commerce provides the solution – solar panels! The added benefit is that it’s completely green, meaning your environmental impact is minimal.

Best Solar Panels for Yeti 1400

In this guide, we’ll look at the best solar panels for Yeti 1400, one of the most popular portable power stations out there.

What is the Yeti 1400?

The Yeti 1400 is a highly dynamic, state-of-art portable power solution for all your energy needs. The device comes with network connectivity and an app that allows you to monitor relevant information right from your phone.

The fact that it comes with surge protection means you can hook up practically any device you want without worrying about damaging it. From air conditioners to cell phones, the Yeti 1400 can handle pretty much anything.

Best Solar Panels for Yeti 1400

If you’ve purchased a Yeti 1400, you may want to buy some solar panels to pair it with. This may be because you’re going to be off-the-grid for a while due to work, or for pleasure. Either way, you can use the various options provided by the manufacturers of the Yeti. If you’re looking for the best solar panels for Yeti 1400, here are your best options.

Goal Zero Nomad 13 Solar Panel

ASIN Number: B07CN83FV7


  • Lightweight and portable design means you don’t have to worry about carrying around any unnecessary weight.
  • A Foldable design allows reduces its size, making it easier to carry.
  • Durable despite its compact size. This means it can withstand rugged conditions.


  • Only suitable for lower energy needs, and cannot power big appliances.
  • Compact size comes at the cost of amount of energy it can store.
  • Not suitable for long trips.

Goal Zero Nomad 20 Solar Panel

ASIN Number: B00GU64KV8


  • Sturdy Design: Allows you to carry it anywhere without fear.  When travelling protecting equipment can be a concern. The Nomad 20 is built to need no extra protection.
  • Higher Capacity: It can power up medium-sized equipment by charging your Yeti in lesser time. Electronics like laptops, phones and tablets can easily be charged.
  • Direct Charge: Can charge your electronics as it charges your Yeti 1400. No need to wait for the Yeti to charge. This convenience is what makes it stand out.


  • Not Enough Power: Despite the increased capacity, it still falls short of having enough juice to power large appliances.
  • Not Suitable For Long Journeys: Once again, if it can’t power large appliances, or has limited capacity, it cannot be trusted on longer journeys.

Goal Zero Nomad 100 Watt Portable Solar Panel



  • Weatherproof: You don’t have to worry about the environment any longer. Take it along with you and trust it to deal with the elements.
  • Chain Ready: Can be chained with other Nomad 100 Watt Panels to increase charging times.
  • Foldable Design: Fold it away to reduce its size. This feature makes it easy to carry anywhere.


  • Value for Money: Not a lot of economy. For the price range you might as well opt for something that can power more.
  • Power Limits: Portable design means it cannot carry a lot of juice, and can’t power large appliances.
  • Unsuitable for long journeys.

Goal Zero Nomad 200 Solar Panel



  • High Wattage: This means it has more power, capable of powering large appliances.
  • Suitable for Extended Journeys: Go on a long journey without worries, this panel will support you throughout the trip.
  • Foldable Design: Despite being heavy duty, it has the compactness of the previous options. This allows it to deliver high power to the Yeti 1400 and be easy to lug around while you travel.


  • Heavy: It’s heavier than the other options, and despite being foldable is still weighs a significant amount.
  • Pricey: Performance has a price. The Nomad 200 is one of the more premium options as it combines portability with power.

Final Word

This has been a list of the best solar panels for Yeti 1400. You now know that the panels you choose will depend on your power needs and portability requirements. We hope that the information in this guide will help you determine which one you’ll purchase.

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