Best Solar Power Bank

Solar power has received increased attention in recent times, especially with the focus on sustainable energy. One of the best inventions to come out of the need to consume more responsibly is the solar power bank, which allows a typical power bank to be charged with solar energy.

With phones becoming an essential source of connectivity, we needed to have solutions that ensure that we have access to them even when we are traipsing across the Karakoram Valley or camping at the Kirk Creek Campground.

But this makes it even more important to buy a reliable and durable product. Continue reading to check out our recommendation for the best power bank available.

Best Solar Power Banks

Below is a list of some of the best solar power banks available in the market currently, which deserve your attention.

1. QiSa Solar Power Bank


There are multiple reasons for we consider the QiSa power bank to be an amazing pick. Not only does it have a 30,000 mAh Large-Capacity, but it also comes with an inbuilt flashlight. This combination is extremely useful when camping out during the night as there is no guarantee of visibility on most camping grounds.

It can be charged through both USB port and solar energy and has multiple outlets to allow simultaneous charging of various devices. This product is durable and heavy-duty; it is waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof. Hence, it’s suitable for harsh environments due to the use of ABS material in its production.

It is certainly a good choice for the adventures.

2. Blavor Solar Power Bank


If you don’t need less power, this 10,000mAh solar power bank by Blavor will be the right choice for you. Its defining feature is wireless charging, which is not offered by most competitors. It is compatible with iPhone 7 Plus and the ones released after it and Samsung phones Galaxy S9 and up.

The best part about this power band is its convenient size and its premium quality. Made using ABS materials, this product is highly durable and offers excellent functionality at a reasonable price. At its full capacity, it can charge an iPhone 7 plus 2.3 times.

The important detail to note is that solar charging is a secondary form of charging and happens more slowly than traditional techniques. Therefore, make sure you incorporate both in your plan.

3. Goal Zero Flip 12 Solar Nomad 5 Solar Panel


The best part about this one is that it is a complete kit! It comes with an optimally sized solar panel that’s easy to carry around but big enough to facilitate charging, which can last. It is easy, convenient, solar-ready, and can charge several electronic gadgets, like phones, cameras, tablets, etc.

It is slightly different from the other solar power banks because it keeps the battery and solar panels as separate units, paired through a USB port when the battery needs charging. Once charged, the small battery can be connected to the phone or the tablet through a wire to finish the process.

Its only drawback is that it is somewhat expensive.

4. Riapow Wireless Solar Charger


Another solar power bank to offer wireless charging, this product by Riapow has an impressive capacity of 26800mAh. It is a good choice for your camping trips as it offers fast charging and comes with an inbuilt flashlight and steady flashing SOS mode, which can come in handy during emergencies.

It gives the user access to multiple fast ports, which makes charging essential electronics quickly easier. You can charge both through solar energy and electricity, and it’s best to give it a full regular charge before a trip and then keep it pumped with solar energy.

If you are looking for power and ease, this product is a good choice.

5. OUTXE W20 Wireless Solar Power Bank


Outxe has developed this solar power bank, which offers extensive durability, focusing on creating a more durable and affordable product. It comes with the powerful capacity of 20000mAh and charges the electronics at double the speed.

It is supplemented with materials like rubber to make it both durable and safe, and it offers long-lasting benefits to the user for both regular and outdoor use. This product is an overall excellent buy and the perfect addition to your camping gear.

Our Pick

Although every option mentioned in the list above has its merits, which make it a steal, our personal pick would be the solar power bank by QiSa. This option is affordable, practical, and the most powerful of the bunch, making it the optimal choice for general and outdoor use.

It is portable, convenient, and high on the functionality scale.

Charging Tips

Getting a solar power bank is a pretty good decision, but there are a few tips you need to keep in mind to make the best use of them.

  1. Solar power takes longer to charge; hence,it’s a secondary energy provider in most power banks. So make sure you charge your power bank and gadgets fully through traditional electricity before leaving on a trip.
  2. Put the power bank in a very sunny spot to facilitate solar charging.
  3. Solar power banks do not charge in the shade,but they will receive some charging in cloudy weather and low sunlight. However, try to find a sunny spot to charge when possible.

These are the three major tips you need to keep in mind when using a solar power bank.


To sum up, the best solar power banks will have a moderate to high power capacity, made of durable material, and allow fast charging for the devices connected. Try to buy one that’s also waterproof and dustproof, as these features will come in handy during camping or trekking trips.

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