Best Solar Powered Dusk to Dawn Lights

Adding lights to your yard is a simple and effective way to improve the beauty of your landscape without any extra expenditure. While nature’s own light can accentuate the glory of your yard during daytime, you need something to shine upon the roses and the jasmines you have planted with your hard work.

Adding solar lighting to your backyard does not only beautify your yard but does so without causing a dent in your pocket. Do you know that almost 10 percent of your electricity bill every year goes toward lighting? Switching to solar energy does not only allow you to consume less energy, but also adds to the beauty of your garden in a positive way.

The 5 Best Solar Powered Dusk to Dawn Lights

In this article we take a close look at some of the best solar powered dusk to dawn lights for your backyard. Switching to solar lighting can open a whole range of activities during the nighttime while saving costs.

Best Solar Powered Dusk to Dawn Light

1. Linkind 4 Pack

This Linkind 4 Pack is our choice for the best overall dusk to dawn light for your backyard. This solar light comes in a pack of 4 LED lights and is packed with a number of exciting features. The lights available within this solar outdoor option come in a variety of two lights, which give you the option to choose a soft or warm hue.

The 90-degree beam angle present within each light helps this solar light achieve wide light dispersion without sacrificing on the brightness or quality of the dispersed light. These lights can be mounted anywhere in your backyard and can withstand anything that the weather might dish out at them.


This TORCHSTAR 2 Pack is an affordable solar light that can provide years of efficient and reliable operations. This is a budget pick choice and is ideal for users who don’t want to spend too much. These low-profile lights might not be the largest when it comes to size, but more than compensate for that through the impressive and incredible output of 6,000 lumens.

These lights have a wide 120-beam angle which is ideal for most backyards. The wide beam angle can disperse light across the entire length of a backyard and gives homeowners the kind of lighting they require for their garden.

3. Dephen 40W Solar Light

This Dephen 40W Solar Light is an ideal option for backyards, gardens and streetlights. This option by Dephen provides plenty of brightness for widespread dispersion and focus on streets and in backyards.

This 40W solar light comes with an IP65 waterproof rating and is made from die-cast aluminum that has additionally been sealed for a longer life. The LED bulbs can give a perfect output for 50,000 hours and Dephen itself gives a warranty of 5 years.

4. LEDMO 2 Pack

This LEDMO 2 Pack solar light for backyard comes with a remote control. These lights are rugged and versatile and come with plenty of features to not only light up the dark but also make control easier.

The pack comes with two LED floodlights and two attached panels that can be mounted on an exterior surface or can be left standing due to their versatile mounting bracket. These lights also carry waterproof features which can stop the elements of weather from having an impact.

5. Richarm 2 Pack

This Richarm 2 Pack solar light with panels is perfect for people in markets and for backyards. This solar light provides focused lighting to illuminate the darkest regions after nightfall.

The light even comes with a remote of its own, which will fall in favor with savvy shoppers looking for tech updates and new items. The remote offers five brightness levels over 8 hours of operations.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Solar Powered Dusk to Dawn Light

There are a number of solar powered lights available in the market today. Knowing the variety and options available to you, one should consider a number of key factors during the purchase. We list these factors down in this section:

Consider the Type of Light You Need

The first thing to consider during the purchase is to identify the type of light your yard needs. Solar spotlights feature specifically on one spot and can be a good solution for homeowners looking to illuminate a certain area of the yard. Solar floodlights cast a wide illumination on a wide area outside your home and are the best for most backyards. Floodlights might not have as extended a beam as that of spotlights, but they are preferred due to their ability to cover larger areas.

Ease of Installation

The solar lights you install in your home should be easy to install without requiring any elaborate processes. A solar light that is easy to install can save you a lot of time and hassle and can also eliminate the requirement for wiring. You can probably get the installation done by yourself without the help of external assistance or labor.

Number of Lumens

Before you finalize the deal and choose a solar light, you should preferably ask yourself if you are just looking to add some basic light into your backyard or trying to light it up like a smaller version of Times Square. In any case, you should consider the wattage or lumens to get an idea of the brightness of the light.

Our Final Thoughts

The Linkind 4 Pack solar light is our best pick for solar powered dusk to dawn lights. The light comes with a number of exciting features and is relatively easy to set up in your own backyard. You can make your final decision on the best solar powered dusk to dawn light by reading reviews online.

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