How to Choose the Best Portable Solar Generator

Solar energy is the fastest-growing alternative energy source in the world, thanks to a range of useful, small-scale consumer products available in the market. Among these are portable solar generators that can provide energy to power appliances and household devices, such as TVs, lights, lights, and fans, etc. But how do you choose the best portable solar generator for your needs?

Read this post to find out and also check out the best portable solar generators in the market right now.

Benefits of a Portable Solar Generator

A portable solar generator comes with three essential components – solar panels, a battery, and an invertor. These components work together to convert solar energy into electricity, store it, and power various appliances. All solar generators work similarly but portability is what sets these generators apart from the rest. Here are the key benefits they offer:

How to Choose the Best Portable Solar Generator

§ Convenience and Flexibility

Portable solar generators are smaller and lighter than their fixed counterparts. You can set them anywhere you like or take them with you on a camping trip to charge your camera and gadgets or power-up lights.

§ Low Maintenance

Portable solar generators don’t have any moving parts so the chances of breaking something are slim. The generator is easy to clean, and you don’t even need professional help in most cases. More importantly, solar generators come with high-quality batteries that offer longer life cycles.

§ Availability

As long as there’s sunlight, you know that you have your generator standby whenever you need it. So, you don’t need to worry about stocking up on fuel. The batteries can power up your appliances during the night.

How to Choose the Best Portable Solar Generator

The following are some things to consider to help you purchase the best portable solar generator according to your requirement:

§ Solar Panels

Solar panels come with different efficiency levels. So, you need to check if the portable solar generator you’re buying includes monocrystalline, polycrystalline, or thin-film solar panels. Mono and polycrystalline panels are more efficient than thin-film panels but not as light, flexible, and durable. Also, check if the panels are sold separately or included.

§ Weight

If you’re buying a portable generator, you should look for one that’s easy to carry and maneuver. You ideally want a compact assembly rather than separate pieces.

§ Battery Capacity and Type

Since solar generators run on stored energy, you have to check the type of battery used and its capacity. The most common options are lead-acid and lithium-ion.  Generally, the higher the battery’s capacity, the more energy it can store. However, its lifecycle depends on the power rating.

§ Price and Other Features

The best portable solar generators pack several additional features, such as multiple USB ports and AC outlets, LED panels, a DIY maintenance kit, and replaceable batteries. Lastly, most people have a budget they’d like to stick to so it’s best to choose from competitively priced options.

The 5 Best Portable Solar Generators in the Market

Now that you know how to choose the best portable solar generator, let’s check out the 5 best options in the market right now:

1. Goal Zero Yeti 1500X

ASIN Number: B08FX3S5LF

The Goal Zero Yeti 1500X is one of the most popular portable solar generators for off-grid uses and emergency power. You can use it to charge your smartphones and laptops, and even power a full-size refrigerator. The generator comes with a 2000W AC inverter which is the same power you get from a typical wall outlet power supply. It features seven different port options and a user app for monitoring performance, charge level, and faults.

2. MAXOAK Bluetti EB150

ASIN Number: B07QZC1FV3

The MAXOAK Bluetti EB150 is a high-end portable solar generator that comes with a host of features and utility. Its most outstanding feature is a high-capacity lithium-ion battery (1500 Wh) that you can fully charge in less than 4 hours using three 150W solar panels. This generator is an excellent choice for powering all household appliances and devices under 1KW. To make its steep price tag more appealing, the company also offers a 24-month maintenance or replacement warranty.

3. Suaoki S370

ASIN Number: B0843WDXFQ

If you’re in the market for an affordable, reliable, and simple generator, look no further than the Suaoki S370. This portable solar generator is not as flashy or powerful as others on the list but it’s the most lightweight option. Due to its maneuverability and versatility, it’s perfect for any outdoor activity, such as hiking, camping, sailing, or fishing, etc. It can power small appliances and electronics up to 600 Watts and comes with 14 outlets (AC, DC, and USB).

4. Westinghouse iGen200s


Westinghouse’s iGen200s is one of the most affordable options in the market right now. It is a simple portable generator that you can use to charge your cellphones and laptop and power small devices. Its most outstanding feature is four charging options. If you don’t have solar panels or its night time, you can charge it with your car, plug it into a household power outlet or hook it up with another generator.

5. EcoFlow RIVER Pro

ASIN Number: B08T1KY8SG

The EcoFlow RIVER Pro is among the best portable solar generators due to a host of impressive features. What makes it stand out from the rest in its price range is fast charging. All you need is two 110W solar panels, and you can recharge in 4 or 4.5 hours. Secondly, it weighs just under 16 pounds, making it suitable for outdoor adventures or use around the house for emergency power. It offers 720 Wh of power with three AC outlets, and you can upgrade this power by adding an additional EcoFlow battery pack.

Our Final Thoughts

Choosing the best portable solar generator for home or outdoor use can be a daunting undertaking if you don’t know what you’re looking for. With so many options to choose from, it’s hard to make an informed decision. This is why we made it easier for you by offering our 5 top picks according to different needs.

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