What Can a 100-watt Solar Panel Run?

Moving towards clean and green energy is a new trend that you may have observed around you. Everyone is starting to realize that your source of electricity really matters if you want to continue making this planet habitable. So naturally, you’d want to shift towards playing your part in recycling through sustainable means.

You may have decided to invest in the Sun’s energy by getting a solar panel for your streets or homes. But the question is, which size of the solar panel is used for which purpose. The chances are that you probably have shortlisted a 100-watt solar panel.

But What is a Solar Panel?

A solar panel is a device created to harness the Sun’s energy to convert it into electricity for daily consumption. You may wonder that solar panels have started trending in recent years, but that is not true. You see, the Sun’s energy has been in use for more than a century, and the first attempt to create a solar panel was made in 1941.

How to Connect Solar Panel to Battery in 5 Simple Steps

So a solar panel is made up of cells just like we’re made up of human cells, and that’s the basis for how the device functions. The solar cells in the panel will absorb the sunlight and extract its energy to convert it into electricity that runs your household appliances.

So you may be wondering what does a 100-watt solar panel looks like? Here we break down all about YQL 100 – watt Solar Panel (ASIN # B07MF7967K).

Features of a YQL 100-watt Solar Panel

First, you need to know that this solar panel is mostly used for small purposes and home use.   Here are some features that you should know before making the investment:

  • It’s portable and is accompanied by an iron lithium phosphate battery.
  • It’s made of aluminium and tempered glass.
  • It can provide up to 450W on an average day, depending on the region you’re located in
  • It requires 6 to 8 hours to become fully charged.
  • It’ll provide you with 16 to 20 hours of lighting.
  • It has a pre-installed control chip that will regulate the solar panel’s power according to the battery’s capacity.
  • It comes with an automatic on and off option. This means that it will turn on its own as soon as the Sun rises and turn off as soon as the Sun has set. So you won’t need to worry about keeping a look at it.
  • Its range of providing light is up to 5000 sq. ft
  • It’s waterproof, which means you don’t need to worry about the rainy weather
  • It is installed with 208 LED chips
  • It has a 120 degree of beam angle

What Devices Can You Run on a 100-watt  Solar Panel?

A 100-watt solar panel can run most small home appliances, so if you are looking to purchase one for your gadgets, then keep reading!

Electronic Gadgets

This solar panel can easily charge your smartphones, tablets, laptops, and power banks without a sweat. It is not preferred to use if you want to run your computer because the charging load would be too much for the solar panel. We’d suggest not to open your television no matter how much you are tempted to catch up on a missed episode of a favourite TV series.

However, you can use it to switch on your wifi Routers and run them for an entire day.

Home Appliances

You can use it to turn on small household appliances such as ceiling fans, standing fans, lamps, energy-saving lights.

We wouldn’t recommend using a washing machine or a dryer with this solar panel size because that can blow up the device, and we wouldn’t want an accident on our hands. Likewise, suppose you have an electric stove or are in the mood to heat up some leftover food in a microwave. In that case, this capacity of a solar panel isn’t meant for you!

Places Where You Can Use A 100-watt Solar Panel

You would be surprised to know that solar panel can be placed anywhere to spread light like a firefly. Due to its ease of being portable, you can use it not only inside your house but also outside by installing it on the roof to act as a makeshift streetlight. Come to think of it; this solar panel can be a replacement for your mainstream street lighting.

It can also be carried if you fancy a camping trip or want to go on a peaceful boat ride. In addition, the device can be used in gardens, residential roads, industrial parks, even to light up football fields and basketball courts.

Why Should You Invest in a 100-watt Solar Panel?

If you are still sceptical about whether solar panels are worth your time, getting a 100-watt solar panel is the right step. This is designed for people who wish to try out a solar panel’s performance and test its capacity. In addition, with the world moving more towards sustainability, a solar panel is probably the first step you can take to lower your environmental footprint.

A solar panel of this size will allow you to take the first steps in making your home go off-the-grid. Not only will you be engaged in consuming green energy but, you don’t have to worry about the sudden price increase in electricity bills because, let’s be honest, the Sun doesn’t charge a penny for its light.

Wrapping Up

So let’s summarize what can a 10-watt solar panel run and where can you place it? This solar panel can be used for small home appliances and electronic devices. However, be warned that you should avoid using it for large home appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, or a television.

With its portability and waterproof features, you can carry it with you anywhere without worrying about wires or connectivity. In addition, solar panels will enable you to improve your grid security and avoid experiencing a blackout due to weather changes.

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