What Can a 200 Watt Solar Panel Run?

Solar panels are a blessing! Not only are they environmentally friendly, but they also give us access to electricity even in our remote little corners. All you need is the kit and a bright and sunny day! Now comes the important question: What can a 200 watt solar panel run?

While 200-watt solar panels are not the strongest ones available, they can still be helpful and effective for your small energy needs. Since you have decided to get a 200-watt solar panel, you should also have a complete idea of all the things you can use it for.

What Can a 200 Watt Solar Panel Run?

This solar panel has enough output to power some of the most routinely used electronics or similar objects.

The Most Common Solar Panel Wattage Sizes

1. Small Shed

If you have a small shed among the trees where you go to relax, the 200-watt solar panel can help you power it. Keep in mind that the solar panel will only be able to run a minimal number of things in the shed. Therefore, do not go overboard.

However, it is the perfect solar companion for a peaceful and calming day in nature.

2. RVs

You probably still recall the ultimate problem of wanting to go camping but dreading losing power in the phone because both your phone and power bank ran out. The best part about getting a 200-watt solar panel is that it can help you power electronics inside your RV.

With your solar panels getting their fuel from the sun shining on them on the roof, you will get to keep your phone fully charged.

3. Laptop

The last thing you want is your laptop dying out on you when you need to send important files urgently and are not near a power source. The good news is that the 200-watt solar panel you have purchased, or are thinking of purchasing, can power your laptop for you.

So whether you need your laptop for work or some other activity, you will be able to continue accessing it.

4. LED Lighting

LED lighting is efficient but it would be even more so if you can use solar energy to power them. Since a 200-watt solar panel cannot power an entire house, the LED lighting you’re hoping to run will probably be lighting gear for camping, general lighting gear, etc.

Your solar panel will give you a convenient way out of your visibility dilemmas without needing you to buy expensive equipment for a few extra hours of light.

5. Mini Cooler

A mini cooler is essential when you are at home, on a fishing trip, camping, or hanging out in your small shed. There’s no way you need to be okay with cracking open a beer bottle and drinking it to realize that it is war.

Mini coolers are also multipurpose and can help you preserve temperature-sensitive medications you might need while you are on a trip. The same applies to food products that can easily melt or rot at room temperature.

6. Small TV

If you want to power your 32-inch screen in the middle of nowhere, the 200-watt solar panel is your best bet. It can provide consistent electrical support while the sun is out, so you can have some entertainment. How you get channel reception, however, is a different matter altogether.

7. Cell Phones

Cellphones can easily be charged using much less powerful solar panels but the 200-watt one will ensure your phone gets charged quickly and on the go. If you are also carrying a power bank that will likely run out of charge, you can power it up using your solar kit.

The only thing you need to take care of is to ensure your power bank can handle a 200-watt power source. Just make sure you have all the details down.

How Much Space Do You Need for It

200-watt solar panels are 16 square feet. Whether you are installing them on the roof of your shed or the RV, you need to ensure you have the necessary space cleared out for the installation.

If you are installing them while out camping, find the sunniest possible area and set the solar panel up at a 60° angle. The tilt helps the panel get maximum exposure to the sun and amplify the output.

How to Install a 200 Watt Solar Panel

Now comes the last important part of the discussion – installing the solar panel. Solar panel installation when you’re out camping is straightforward. The planning you need is for when you are setting them up on your shed or the RV to keep it both safe and efficient.

On an RV

When installing the 200-watt solar panel on the RV you need to take care of the following:

  1. Plan where you will install them based on the wiring systems within it. Make sure the area is also one that gets maximum sun exposure and is safe.
  2. Set your solar panels at a 60° While it is not entirely necessary in the summers, sunrays slant at an angle during winters, and the tilt will help maximize sunlight exposure.
  3. Use the mounting tools that come with the kit to securely set up your solar panels. This part is important because the panels will otherwise fall off as the RV moves along.
  4. Connect the wires, test the reception, and you’re good to go.

On a Shed

Because the shed is stationary, you won’t have to worry about the wind affecting your solar panels. However, you will still need to mount it properly. The steps will be similar to the ones for RV, however, we recommend that you get a mini battery for your shed that can store all excess solar energy generated during the day so you may keep it running at night.

If you decide the shed life is better than you expected, you can add a few extra solar panels and enjoy a sustainable time there.

Our Final Thoughts

To sum up, the answer to your question, ‘what can a 200 watt solar panel run?’ is a complete list. From a small shed, RV, and cellphone to a mini cooler, this power source will help you feel secure. We hope you enjoyed reading this article and found it helpful.

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