What Can a 400watt Solar Panel Run?

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Solar panels are all the rage in this era, with more awareness towards the carbon footprint. People are flocking to stores and consultants on how they can make the switch to solar energy. You must have noticed that the trend in solar panels has changed with a decrease in the price point.

If you are a homeowner, you would be glad to hear that homeowners are shifting more towards solar panel systems, starting with getting one solar panel at a time.

What Can a 400watt Solar Panel Run

Before you decide what a 400watt solar panel can run, you should know that getting a solar panel is not enough. Nowadays, solar panels with storage batteries have become the new rage because of their increased efficiency in providing solar energy and storing it.

So let’s look at what a 400watt solar panel can run to help you decide if this is the right size to invest in.

How much power Does a 400watt Solar Panel Produce?

So a 400watt solar panel will not necessarily produce 400watts of power. Here you are missing one important component, which is looking at the amperage. So to find out what is the immediate power output of your 400watt solar panel is, you need to calculate it using this formula.

Solar Panel Output = Maximum Voltage x Amperage.

For 400 watts of output power, the maximum voltage generally would be 40 volts, meanings that you will have an amperage of 10 amps. But this is a theoretical assumption; in real your solar panel can produce more power output.

The output power of the solar panel is dependent on the sunlight. This is because the Sun’s rays don’t remain the same throughout the day, translating into varying power output.

What Can a 400watt Solar Panel Run?

So you may be looking to see what a 400watt solar panel run, and you may be surprised to know that it does offer quite a good amount of solar energy. Here are the devices that can run on a 400watt solar panel.

Electronic Devices

A 400watt solar panel will easily run desktop computers, laptops, charge smartphones, power banks, solar batteries, tablets, and even run a television. You can also plug on your play-station to play video games or turn on a few LED lights.

Home Appliances and Van Accessories

You can also run an energy-efficient refrigerator, turn on ceiling fans, washing machines, a drier, and an inverter air conditioner. This is also a great solar panel size for using an electric kettle, electric fryer, and water dispenser.

However, you won’t depend on this to run non-energy efficient large-sized refrigerators or deep freezers because the power output is not enough to keep these electronic items running.

You can also install the 400watt solar panel on the top of your van and take them along for an extended camping train. That way, you would no longer have to listen to the loud sound of a generator running. This is also a great-sized solar panel to replace a solar pool cover and keep the pool temperatures regulated all year round.

If you like to grow exotic plants or grow your food, using this solar panel size is great for running and heating your greenhouse.

Features of a 400watt Solar Panel

  • The solar panel should be designed to be off-grid
  • This should have a monocrystalline solar cell efficiency consisting of a maximum of 21%, power output equal to 2000watts per day (depending on the availability of sunlight).
  • It should be made of encapsulated material with various laminations to enhance the solar cell’s performance in absorbing the Sun’s rays.
  • It should be windproof, waterproof, and UV resistant and should be able to function properly on cloudy days.
  • It should be resistant to rust so that it can be used for a long time.
  • The solar panels should be able to withstand strong winds as well as heavy snowfall.
  • It should be able to maintain its power even in the shade or during cloudy days.
  • It should come with a charge controller that is created especially for RV applications to be mounted properly on the walls.
  • It should be negatively grounded to be compatible with the battery.
  • The solar panel kit should also come with a screen that displays the system operating information and would allow the user to control the parameter settings.

Why should you invest in a 400watt Solar Panel?

If you are still skeptical about a 400watt solar panel or unsure if it’s for you, then here is what you should know about it. A 400watt solar panel is a right size for a couple or a small family maximum of 4 members living in a medium to a large-sized trailer with enough space on the top to install the panels. So this type of 400watts size can run your entire van or trailer, which is great news for people that don’t want to keep driving their van to run its electrical system or depend on shore power.

Our Final Thoughts

So, in short, a 400watt solar panel is your best option if you are looking to make a van conversion. This size can easily power your van or trailer’s electrical system. But this is also a good option for your home or greenhouse usage. If you plan properly, you can also scale the output power by installing more panels in the future. By now, you should have some idea of what can a 400watt solar panel run.

But be sure to watch the consumption of your battery levels!

If you still feel in need of more guidance or clarity, be sure to reach out to us!

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