What Can a 45 Watt Solar Panel Run?

Congratulations! Whether this is your first experience with solar energy or a repeat one, the decision to try solar is a good one. Both the environment and your pocket will thank you for this. Now let’s address the main question you are here to find an answer for.

So, what can a 45 watt solar panel run? To understand the answer to this question, you will first need to know what the watts in solar panels signify. Additionally, it will help you know why you need to consider this detail when you use solar panels.

What does the Watt in Solar Panels Signify?

The simple answer to this question is ‘energy output.’ Solar panel wattage refers to the maximum electrical output a solar panel can give at its full strength. You should know that the solar panels will produce their quoted wattage of output when:

What Can a 45 Watt Solar Panel Run
  1. The panel surface is clean.
  2. Panels are receiving proper sunlight
  3. They are positioned at the best angle to maximize sunlight absorption

Base Calculation

If a supplier gives you the numbers for voltage and ampere instead of wattage, there’s no need to worry. Simply multiplying volts with amperes will give you the total wattage.

The expected size of 45 Watt Solar Panels

The sizing of a solar panel may defer based on design. However, just to give you an idea, a 45-watt solar panel will be approximately 30 X 17 inches (h x w). These dimensions will help you know how much space you will need for it.

What Can a 45 Watt Solar Panel Run?

Now that you are clear about what wattage signifies, it is time we look at what a 45-watt solar panel can run. Following is a list of all the electrical objects a 45-watt solar panel can power.

1. Deep Cycle Battery

Deep cycle batteries are designed to provide consistent output until nearly the end of their capacity. These are typically used for trolling motors for boats, electric cars, RV applications, etc. Stop using the battery once it has consumed 80% of its energy and use your 45-watt solar panel to recharge it before using it again.

2. Lawnmower

Your lawnmower can easily be powered by a 45 Watt solar panel, helping you charge its battery easily before you have to take it around the lawn to keep it well maintained.

3. 12V Batteries

12V batteries are alkaline batteries and are some of the most used regularly. Several companies like Duracell and Energizer are now releasing rechargeable versions of their 12V batteries that can be charged using a 45 Watt solar panel.

We will recommend that you not use anything with a higher than 100 Watts to charge these small batteries to avoid overwhelming them.

4. Power Bank/Camping Lights

Your 45 Watt solar panel will be the perfect companion for any camping trips you are thinking of taking. It is a great energy source for your power banks, camping essential in the modern-day and age, and the camping lights you will need to have visibility.

You will, however, need to make sure that you leave your home with fully charged batteries and take the opportunity to power up your solar panels when you make longer stops. Solar charging is relatively slower than regular charging, and this time management is important when camping.

5. Smartphone

Just like power banks, a 45 Watt solar panel can also charge your smartphone easily. Given the frequency of usage, our smartphones use up a significant amount of energy each day. Using solar energy to charge them can help you be more responsible with your consumption.

These are only some of the items you can charge using a 45 Watt solar panel. Other items include:

  • Solar fountains
  • RV
  • GPS
  • ATV

‘What can a 45 Watt solar panel run’ is an important question and will help you better understand its benefit and limitations.

What are the Benefits of Using Solar Panels?

Solar energy is an important source of sustainable energy, and there are several benefits of switching to it for your present and the future. Here are some of its most common benefits:

1. Environmental Sustainability

The most obvious benefit of using solar or any form of renewable energy is the lack of environmental hazards associated with them. Solar energy reduces the negative impact of resource depletion caused by regular electricity and can help beat climate change.

2. Cost-Effectiveness

Solar energy is cost-effective because it helps you reduce your regular energy consumption, cutting down on your electricity bill. So, you can help protect the environment and also save some money in the process.

No matter how you see it, using solar energy is good for you.

3. Optimal Use of Resources

One of our favorite benefits of solar energy is the way it optimizes natural resources. The sun is a never-ending ball of heat. Therefore, leveraging its sunlight helps us avoid using up the limited resources and focus on the unlimited ones.

It may not seem like a major deal for a 45 Watt solar panel. Still, more of them (stronger or weaker, are powering homes, offices, and appliances, alike. This adoption of solar panels has helped cut down on unsustainable resource consumption drastically.

These are the three main ways using solar panels can be beneficial for you.

Our Final Thoughts

We hope you have found this article informative and found the answer to your question ‘what can a 45 watt solar panel run?’ 45 Watt batteries are excellent for powering deep cycle batteries and smaller objects like power banks, smartphones, etc.

Their ability to power electric cars is also impressive. Just ensure that the solar panels are positioned properly in a space they can easily absorb solar energy from.

They are also the best ones to use when you are initially getting comfortable with shifting to solar energy consumption. If you want to learn more about a solar product or solar consumption, you can also check out more of our published articles about solar energy, equipment, and consumption.

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